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We Hire and Rent Projector Screens, Data Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Slide Projectors and Digital Video Cameras.  We are the Melbourne company of choice for clients such as BHP, Yellow Pages, 3AW, Melbourne Tennis Centre and Victorian Government Departments.  We guarantee the cheapest rates, and provide the highest level of service and advice.  Our experience in customer service has enabled us to build processes and gain a depth of technical expertise that ensures your function and events run smoothly. We deliver on time all of the time.  Our expertise is an important factor when choosing HD Video Camera, Data Projectors, Video Projectors, Multimedia Projectors, Projector Screens, Camcorders and HD Projector Equipment.  All of our equipment is available for hire or rent from 1 day to a week or more.  We have got the solutions for small business, clubs, board rooms, schools, public displays etc.  We stock only the best quality brands such as Sony,Kodak,Sharp and Infocus. Projector Hire Melbourne Delivers throughout the Peninsula,South Eastern Suburbs,Melbourne CBD,Mornington Peninsula,Gippsland.

Talk to us and we will explain the differences and help you choose and decide on the right product.With cheap Slide, OverHead, Data Projectors and screens,and Digital Video Cameras we won't be beaten on our prices in Melbourne . Our extensive range of audio visual equipment is a available
for Daily and Long Term  casual hire.Technician assists with the set-up and a Support Team is a phone call away We provide service and support 7 Days a week in all suburbs.Ring as Now If you have an important future event and you need to hire some equipment, it is advisable to make a phone booking so we can reserve the equipment for you.


We Hire and Rent Projector Screens, Data Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Slide Projectors and Digital Video Cameras,Home Movie Projectors and DVD Players.

Data Projector Rentals

Data Projectors perform exceptionally well in dark and bright rooms for business presentations.  They display crisp and clean images with low-light performance and in a pinch can also be used for some reasonably high quality movie watching.



Overhead Projector Rentals

Our reliable and affordable Overhead Projector is a firm favourite in the Classroom, Training Room and Conference Room.  It's simple to operate, transport and store and it offers all the essential features for high illumination and sharp, clear projected images.



Slide projectors Hire And Rentals

A slide projector is an opto-mechanical device to view photographic slides . Light passes through the transparent slide and lens, and the resulting image is enlarged and projected onto a perpendicular flat screen so the audience can view its reflection. Alternatively the image may be projected onto a translucent "rear projection" screen, often used for continuous automatic display for close viewing. This form of projection also avoids the audience's interrupting the light stream or bumping into the projector.


Tripod Projector Screens Rentals  

Our Tripod Projector Stand and new groundbreaking Projection Screen is both non-invasive and highly versatile in the non-dedicated Media Room.  It is a free-standing electric Projection Screen that can be easily positioned in virtually any home or Office Media Room. It is powered by a strong tubular motor that drives the screen on its durable cross-rising supports. 



Digital Video camera Hire Melbourne

Digital Video Camera (DV) is an ideal format for anyone wanting to use a Camcorder (DV camera) to work with video on the PC or the Web. The most exciting aspect of DV editing is the purity of the content. No matter how much you work with your video, if you keep the data in a digital format, the video quality will be exactly the same.
Most dual-core PCs released over the last few years will provide more than enough processing power to deal with video transfers.  Video connectivity features such as FireWire, and Plug-and-Play support for removable hard drives and DV Camcorders.   In addition, the Vista version of Windows Movie Maker allows you to import, edit, manage and share high-definition video (HDV).



The New Epson Home MovieMate Will DVD Player

Epson Home MovieMate 72 Projector DVD/Music Combo 
We have been waiting for the new Epson Home MovieMate 72 Projector DVD/Music Combo to come out!  This home Projector is great to hire or rent for 1 day or for the week end and can be moved from room to room. The picture quality is excellent. You can plug in a  Apple® iPod™ Nintendo® Wii™ Sony® PS3™ and Microsoft® Xbox 360™ compatible.  The HD DVD player in the Moviemate 72 is great and even plays burned movies .  Now this is native 720p resolution and up scales to 1080p.   If you put a 4:3 movie in you can stretch it out and up to fit the screen 16:9 .The projector has all the connections I need - HDMI, component, d-sub, and audio input.


Electric Floor Rising Projector Screens 

This Electric Floor Rising screen is perfect especially since it comes with a built in internal Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR) receivers and IR Remote control IT will   presenting a professional course in a Hotel Room, Office, Boardroom, Meeting Room, Business Seminar. The screen is manageble (despite its length). The setup is easy  and the aspect ratio and size does a fine job in reflecting the output of a Video Projector with normal room lighting.